Water Filtration Solutions

The importance of water quality can be easily overlooked. Beyond the health and wellness benefits, high quality water is also integral for your plumbing system, fixtures and appliances. Water is the most vital and essential source for our lives. For that purpose, Lutz Plumbing Inc. offers a wide variety of water filtration solutions to promote healthy quality of life for our clients.

Whole House Water FIltration

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Our filtration systems are highly effective at reducing and/or removing chlorine, chloramines, and chlorination by-products from all of your household water.

Eliminate chlorine damage

Eliminate bad taste and odor

Eliminate the need for bottled water

  • Disinfectants in Drinking Water - Public water systems chemically disinfect their water to kill or inactivate microbial contaminents (USEPA 2001C). To protect drinking water from disease causing organisms, or pathogens, water suppliers often add a disinfectant, such as chlorine, to drinking water. These practices can be complicated because certain microbial pathogens, are highly resistant to traditional disinfection practices. Also disinfectants can react with naturally-occuring materials in the water to form byproducts.

  • Appliances and Plumbing Fixtures - Rubber seals and gaskets in appliances suffer from chllorine in water too. Seals can be compromised, toilets and faucets can leak as a result. Disinfectants can also shorten the lifespan of plumbing fixtures and metal finishes.

  • Copper Plumbing - Chlorine and chloramines can also cause copper plumbing corrosion.

Hard Water Conditioning

We install ION conditioners to solve problems caused by hard water.

Dissolve scale

Prevent scale

Inhibit corrosion

  • Hard Water Scale - Scale (hard mineral coatings) and corrosion deposits are made up of solids and sediments that collect on or in the distribution system piping, storage reservoirs and household plumbing. Hard water build-up can can result in restricted or reduced water flow, inefficiency or failure of water heaters, damage to fixtures, appliances, water using equipment and unsightly deposits throughout the house including glassware, dishes and flatware.

  • Hard Water Corrosion - In general, corrosion is the result of water with a low pH. Acidic waters have lots of H+ ions in the water to react with the electrons at the cathode, so corrosion is enhanced.

  • Our Systems > Water Softeners - The average water softener requires about 60 lbs. of salt per month, and softeners do not improve water quality. Additionally, self-regenerating water softeners discharge polluted water into the environment.